Managed Services

Individual all-round support on the path to digital transformation

The personalized and demand-oriented software can be individually managed by qprem with full or partial responsibility, so that owners, managers and operators are supported in a range of predefined services.

qprem takes care of the initial creation of all user profiles and works together with facility and property management. The dashboard can be hosted and used on its own server instances or in the cloud.

Data is collected, stored, and managed, analyzed, and provided by qprem as needed, providing administrative power that relieves the burden on property management. In doing so, qprem provides continuous support in operational processes, as well as in the design of an efficient and secure infrastructure of daily operations.

qprem accompanies companies on the path of digital transformation and provides support in the following processes

Needs assessment & infrastructure development

Joint definition of needs and development of infrastructure

Full service hardware & software

provision, integration, commissioning and maintenance

Dashboard & Reporting

operation of the dashboard and analysis, evaluation, accounting and optimization of performance

Advice & assistance

Advice and assistance for digital operations

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