Parking &
Parking management

Smart parking space allocation for cars and trucks including parking space monitoring and billing.

With the help of intelligent sensors and software solutions, qprem enables economical parking space management, saving users time and stress on the way to the parking space.

By using the qprem app, the utilization of parking spaces can be checked and controlled, allowing parking spaces to be used optimally due to multiple occupancy. Before arriving at the site, the route for employees and visitors is planned, so that they are assigned the best parking space on the site for them and are navigated to it after entering the site.

Truck drivers are assigned available loading gates and parking spaces via the app. If these are occupied due to high fluctuation, they are automatically navigated to the corresponding waiting zones. Furthermore, capacities can be planned via the app and communicated in parallel, for example for late or unplanned arrivals.

The access system for cars and trucks includes reading, assigning and booking access authorizations. Personal and role-related data, authorizations and license plates are stored in the system in advance in line with data protection requirements. These are verified by a camera license plate recognition system on approach.

App Screenshot: Parking

The car, truck, and access terminals are equipped with long-term, modern, and flexible technology, allowing full use of qprem services. In addition, the equipment ensures that the services can continue to be used even after the license period has expired.

Advantages at a glance

Time savings & safety

workstation-related parking space allocation ensures shorter distances and saves time - safety on the way to the workplace is increased

External rentals

Rare or unused parking spaces are marked via the system and can be rented to external companies

Multiple use

multiple use of the parking spaces, for example for shift work and events

Billing & time recording

Billing only for parking spaces actually used based on parking time

Loading dock allocation

parking spaces and loading gates for trucks can be allocated and adjusted in real time, for example for delayed or unplanned truck arrivals

Possible technology for entrances and exits

License Plate Recognition

QR Code Reader

Smartphone Reader

Bell & intercom system

LTE module for possible network failure

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